Conservation Tips!

Everyone knows that there are benefits to conserving water, but what can you do to help? Here are a few ways you can update your old bathroom to an updated eco-friendly bathroom.

Check for leaks!

This probably the easiest way to start your water conservation journey. Make sure you regularly check all sinks, faucets, tubs and toilets are leak-free. A small leak can waste a lot more water than you think – thousands of litres a year!

Upgrade your faucets!

Water faucets are more efficient than ever. Choosing a WaterSense certified faucet will help you cut the amount of water you’re using. All the WaterSense labelled faucets reduce the water flow by 30%, but do not effect the performance of the faucet itself.

We carry a variety of American Standard faucets that are WaterSense certified, such as, the Boulevard, the Princeton and the Amarilis.

Boulevard Widespread Bathroom Faucet with Lever Handle – Bathworks Price $287.28

Go Flush!

Upgrading your old toilet to a high-efficiency water saving toilet will not only save you money, but save the environment too. Older toilets can use from 18 to 26 litres per flush, whereas a newer eco-friendly toilet will only use from 3 to 6 litres.

Check out American Standards FloWise Dual Flush toilet. They feature a two flush types: full flush at 6 litres per flush and a half flush at 3 litres per flush.

FloWise Dual Flush Elongated Toilet – Bathworks Price $208.00

Go Handsfree!

Do you leave your sink running while you brush your teeth? The beauty of hands-free electronic faucets is that they will only run when you really want them to, saving you money and litres of water each month.

American Standard’s Selectronic Promiximity Lavatory Faucet is the perfect fit for any bathroom. It features customizable water pressure, completely waterproof sensors and an integral in-line strainer that prevents clogging.

Selectronic Electronic Proximity Lavatory Faucet – Bathworks Price $435.60 (Special Order Item)

Low cost way to go green!

Aerators are a great and cheap way to save water. An aerator will restrict the flow of water from the standard 8.3 litres per minute to about 5.6 litres per minute, all while maintaining the quality and performance you’d expect fro your faucet. Aerators are a cheap and effective way to reduce your overall water consumption by up to 30%. Remember, not all your upgrades have to cost a lot money, even the little things will make a big difference in the long run.

Want to see how much water you’d be saving? Our friends at American Standard created a really helpful calculator. Try it out.

Quick fact: Bathrooms account for almost 65% of total household water use.


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