Decoflame Wave

Decoflame is a company that creates stylish and modern bio-ethanol decorative fireplaces. They’re the first company to ever create and manufacture ULC and UL certified fireplaces. All the wall-mounted stainless steel fireplaces can be installed on any surface. The bio-ethanol combustion creates a beautiful flame with no smoke and no smell. Decoflame fireplaces are low maintenance and require no chimney, wood logs  and have zero emissions. They are maintained by a renewable and environmentally friendly energy source.

Experience the wave with Decoflame’s Wave wall-mounted fireplace. The Wave combines modern style to help you create an relaxing and warm atmosphere in your home. It’s available in three colours; Stainless Steel, Black and White, which makes matching to your current decor virtually effortless.

For more information about the benefits of using bio-ethanol in your Decoflame fireplace, visit or come to one of our showrooms!


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