Happy New Year everyone. We hope you all had a wonderful holiday. We’re kicking off this year with a post about what we think are going to be the biggest trends this year. Bathrooms got a lot more attention last year and property owners are allotting more budget for them in their renos. It’s a great investment as a well designed bathroom can help increase the value of your property. Whether you’re overhauling your entire bathroom or doing a few quick updates, this is what the year’s hottest bathrooms are going to look like.

One piece toilets
Not only can they be space saving, they’re easier to clean! Check out these two great one-
piece toilets from American Standard.

This is the American Standard Champion 4 6 litre 1-Piece Right Height Elongated Toilet. Not only is it a versatile and modern design,  it has an Everclean surface. To top it all off: No plunge technology. Say goodbye to your plunger forever!

The American Standard Compact Cadet 3 1-Piece Toilet is a high-efficiency and space saving compact toilet that has ultra low consumption. (20% less water!) Who doesn’t like saving money on their water bill?

WaterSense Certified

Over the course of your lifetime, you will flush your toilet approximately 140,000 times and that toilet will account for 30% of your total indoor water use. Want to know how to save some water and a few dollars? WaterSense certified toilets are low consumption toilets that are a simple and greener choice. Check out these two models.

The American Standard Cadet 3 FloWise pictured above features a round front and lined tank. This high-efficiency and ultra-low consumption toilet only uses 4.8 litres per flush!

The American Standard H2Option has a siphonic action bowl with direct fed jet. This toilet is a dual flush, meaning the full flush only uses High efficiency, low consumption 6 litres per flush and the partial flush only uses 3.8 litres per flush!

There’s nothing like waking up early in the morning and taking a hot shower. Let us show you how to take that shower to the next level.

Large showers

Long gone are the days of cramped stand-up showers or using your tub as a shower. The Maax Urban 7242 is the ultimate in urban minimalist with lots of room. It is made with modern lines and an innovative design. Additional options include the Maax IESR and Rainmax for the best shower experience.

Shower Systems

The Riobel Zendo offers not one,  not two, but four body jets. The shower hand rail makes it easy to adjust the showerhead to the perfect height and the rainfall showerhead is perfect for relaxing after a long day.

The Thermostatic shower system with hand shower rail and four body jets offers an exceptional shower experience. With four body jets, you have hot water relieve all your tense muscles without bending and twisting with a conventional hand shower.



The Maax Optix F has a simple design that would match a modern bathroom perfectly. If offers a deep bathing well with all the right curves on the inside for total comfort – including a rolled headrest, sloped back rest and arched armrests. To top it off, it comes in five stunning colours, Pink Martini (shown in the photo), Glacier blue, Thunder Gray, Sterling Silver or Traditional White.


The Miles by Maax is your classic traditional freestanding tub. Its beautiful curved lines make it stand out while still fitting in.



The Maax Roman 6842 is classic elegance in a drop-in bathtub. It will be a timeless piece in your bathroom that features traditional lines with the latest massage technology.

If you have any questions about the products above feel free to contact one of our showrooms in Ajax, Barrie, Belleville, Kingston or St. Catharines.


Finding the inspiration is easy, finding the products to is another story. You could hire an interior designer to help you out, but we all know that sometimes budget won’t allow for it.

Our new ‘Inspiration’ posts will help you find the products to create your perfect bathroom. We’ll be pulling our favourite bathroom images from all over the internet and pairing them up with products that you’ll be able to find at your local Bathworks store.

Feel free to send over your inspiration images too! Hope you enjoy!



Towel warmers, who knew?

I was first introduced to the towel warmer late last week. I was photographing a few things in the showroom to start amping up our Instagram account when I found one hanging on the wall. I instantly fell in love and have been dreaming of adding one to my bathroom ever since. Who doesn’t love warm towels?

I’m really in love with the look of square fixtures in the bathroom. As you may have noticed from the previous Wishlist posts about my overwhelming love of the Boulevard and Town Square collections from American Standard. Well, that love has extended to the Tuzio Avento. It’s a completely striking design and with the high-polish chrome finish, it won’t go unnoticed. I love its versatility too, it can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

If you’re not into the square look, there’s also the Tuzio Laveno. I love the look of the Brushed Nickel (also available in Chrome) This model is completely timeless and can fit in with any style of decor.

Not every bathroom can accommodate a wall mounted towel warmer, which is why there’s also a freestanding model. The Torino Free-Standing has all the features of the wall-mounted models, but in a mobile version. Neat!

Now, if owning a towel warmer wasn’t enough, there are also some accessories. What more could you ask for? Well, there’s a programmable timer. This will allow you to ensure your towels are always fresh and warm feeling when you need them. There are also hooks available, to hang up your robe.

Close your eyes and imagine being able to walk out of your shower to a warm towel and robe each and every time. That my friends, is luxury.


My American Standard Wishlist: Pick 5.

We’re only days away from choosing the winner of the American Standard Bathroom Makeover contest, which means this will be my final pick.

And what a pick it will be! Let’s all bask in the beauty of this tub.

This beautiful tub is from American Standard’s Town Square collection. I personally love the look of drop in tubs. It allows you to really place them anywhere in the room and create a large enough ledge for decor. (or wine glasses.) This tub comes with integrated faucets that match the rest of the Town Square collection.

The tub has a great design; making it easy on the eyes, but it gets better. It can also be an air bath. It has a smooth air massage system with air jets throughout the floor which come with variable speeds and a heater. Cleaning it is super easy as an EverClear system is already included.

Now, imagine having this gorgeous spa-like tub in your bathroom. That is true bliss.

For more information about the Town Square Tub featured, go to http://bit.ly/n7uSwS

For more information about our $5000 American Standard Dream Bathroom Makeover Contest, go to http://on.fb.me/qIviLA

My American Standard Wishlist: Pick 4.

Say hello to the Collina collection from American Standard. The name Collina was chosen because the faucets are reminiscent of the hills near the designer’s home in Italy. This new line of faucets bring elegance, style and functionality to the busiest place in your house, the kitchen.

One of my favourite features of this faucet is the LED. As the water heats up, the temperature of the water will be indicated by the light. Blue for cold, pink for warm and red for hot. It also features a pull down, to make every day tasks easier and completely eliminating the need for a side-spray.

For more information about the Collina faucet, http://bit.ly/pu87fmFor more information about our $5000 American Standard Dream Bathroom Makeover Contest, go to http://on.fb.me/qIviLA